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16 famous questions and answers are on the below


How long have you been doing art? Since?


Since I was 17 years old


Why did you choose to be an artist?


I didn't choose what I do, I just do what I can do.


Did you do art studies?


I didn't go to univ. but I've studied my self with books, and many other artist's works.


When you first started out how did you go about sharing and Promoting your art?


I started Deviantart blog at 2007, and I think that was the start


What type of art you like the most?




Usually how long it takes for you to finish your paintings? 
Did you draw it slowly(relax) or faster? 


I'm not sure how long is it, cause I just randomly working with a piece(I always have few WIPs.)

but I've recorded my painting 2 times, and it seems like 100 hours per 1 work, It can be different with a piece's size






How did you develop your style of bright intricate patterns layered on top of portraits?


I was so into many countries' old culture and traditional culture. And I still do. They have lots of different patterns and structure of buildings. and that makes me so into cultural mix of patterns/Colors, It became part of my skills.

So I try to express emotions/feelings of human with those skills. and that makes my work more intricate.

How was the painting made? is it using watercolour or mixed media and did you painted it on canvas or paper?


Usually working with marker base. and pen/colored pencil/pencil/ink on Paper.

I also working with acrylic on canvas sometime.

What brand markers do you use? Do you start all your art pieces with a sketch, or do you just make it as you go along?


I have few kinds of marker sets. but almost them are from Copic. and I still do sketch for simple figure of face. but It's more fun without sketch for the detailing

Is it true the type of colour you usually like to use for your paintings is a colorful colour?


No, I just liking it these few years. I also like Black/White, or One color drawing 

What was the exact moment that you realized what you wanted to do with your life? How did you feel at this very moment?


This was when I didn't want to sleep because I wanted to keep drawing and at the same time I had no money and no desire to live.
But to draw it was the only thing I could do and I think It still keeps me alive.




In your opinion, which skills are necessary to be an artist?


Self-regard. believing yourself is most important thing for artist I think.

What advise could you give to someone who would like to do art as well?


Do what you love. Don't follow other people's thoughts or interest.

Who inspires you as an artist?


Someone good at their own way. many artists who really into their own way. - Wassily Kandinsky, Zak Smith. etc

Even if it's not a artist, Someone lives in their own way(belief)



Did you have some difficulties with being an artist? Is it hard for you (money, customers, time) ?


Everyone can feel those kind difficulties even they are not an artist. So I didn't think money or something is the difficulties in my life as an artist. It's natural living experience which get used to it 

What is your true dream, the one that keeps you up at night and if one day it were to come true you would feel peace and calmness in your heart?


Actually I'm not sure that I want to become myself a big successful artist or to have a lot of money or just I want peace for myself and other people around me. But definitely I want to be good at my art more and more. That's only what I wish since I started to make art. And maybe someday I will manage to teach for free, many young artist who want to learn something from me, and also to support their lives and their desire for the art. Because when I was young, I wanted to know about drawing and art stuff, but there was no one around to lean on.

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